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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

Twingo RS 133 / GT Turbo stage 1 dyno re-map


A cost-effective performance re-map option for the Twingo RS 133 / GT with before & after testing and custom adjustment on our rolling road.

Before purchasing you are encouraged to first make contact to check that we have dates available that suit you.


Be it a relatively standard RS 133 or a cammed, high compression racer with custom manifolds, we can help with your ECU tune. The option listed here is strictly for stock engines other than for breathing modifications made to induction and/or exhaust including decat, etc. The same applies to GT Turbo models. This pricing is for standard cars besides induction, exhaust and (in the case of the GT) intercooler upgrades.

The factory original ECU is well suited to running mildly modified original engines; Modifications including filter and exhaust upgrades, inlet or exhaust manifold upgrades, mild performance camshafts, compression ratio lifts and any combination of the above. If you’ve performed any of these modifications and are looking for a dyno proven, custom, safe and optimal remap by somebody who knows these engines inside and out then you have come to the right place.

In the case of the RS133 the factory engine can sometimes suffer with reduced road manners and ‘flat spots’ (RPM specific dips in performance) when modified. Accurate calibration (mapping) with these engines is much more critical of modification compared with the Clio 172/182 for example. With the more modern ECU there are many more functions at play within, each of which must be satisfied for the engine to respond properly at all RPM’s and throttle angles.

Even a standard car can benefit from a re-map. The factory ECU is bound to tight emissions regulation which mean that even from cold the engine must conform to strict fuel consumption at the expense of drivability. Richening the mixture just a few % and calming the cars lambda control from cold vastly improves these engines warm-up behaviour. The performance gains are fairly minimal with a stock engine (even if others are claiming 10hp+ – they are grossly misleading you) – the real advantage with a custom map and stock engine is in drivability and the removal of hesitations or flat spots.

Q: How is this re-map performed ?
You’ll need to book a slot with us so we can get your car on to our dyno here. Along with weekday slots we’ll often have weekend slots available too.

Q: Will your remaps work with a decat exhaust ?
Yes, upon request we will disable all catalytic functions in your ECU and remove the possibility of a check-engine-light.

Q: What ‘stage’ are your N/A re-maps ?
This is not how we work. Everything here is custom tuned, on the dyno, in front of your eyes with explanations made along the way should you be curious. A re-map of a standard engine yields only marginal performance gains and anything other than standard should be considered custom since no two modified engines are the same. As a result it is near-impossible to categorize different levels of tune, unlike a turbocharged engine.

Q: What parameters are you able to adjust ?
Just about everything. When re-mapping your ECU to accommodate wilder cams, intake modifications and the like we’ll regularly need to alter the ECU’s idle control parameters, throttle behaviour, transient fueling, RPM limits, lambda control, warm-up behaviour, VVT operation and of course fuel and spark timing.

Q: How long does it take ?
On average it’ll take 1-2 hrs on the rolling road.

Q: What are the common modifications you’ll tune for ?
Exhaust/header swaps, often coupled with other upgrades like matched ports, de-cat and improved induction.

Wilder N/A engines with camshaft swaps, larger injectors and such like are catered for with our Advanced option. Please drop us an email if you have any other questions.

N.B: The before-after dyno plots shown here were made with a fairly standard RS 133 with an induction kit, decat manifold and performance exhaust. The dyno plots show the before and after our remap. Low RPM hesitations are eliminated.

Note: The term “live” mapped these days has become interchangeable with “custom dyno tuned”. The Renault ECU is not in fact mapped live, rather data is collected, the ECU adjusted and the engine run again. This sequence repeats until we are happy the engine is calibrated.

For wilder engine upgrades (including turbos, superchargers, etc.) please get in touch so we can discuss other options. It may be that we can still adjust the stock ECU to suit or it may be that a fully programmable standalone ECU is the best way to go. This is usually the case for higher powered forced induction engines.

Note: More and more we’re seeing cars arrive here which have previously been tuned elsewhere which sometimes means that your ECU can be locked. This applies also if someone has used an RSTuner tool on your car to flash a map previously. In cases of locked ECU there is an additional £ 70 unlocking fee. With other models we waive this charge, but in the case of the Twingo the ECU is housed in an anti-tamper bracket which sadly takes some considerable time to defeat.
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