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Based in Runcorn, Cheshire, we are specialists in engine management configuration, engine mapping (calibration) and rolling road (dyno) power and diagnostic testing.

We cater for anything and everything 2WD, from performance road cars to track, drag and kit cars.

Whether you want a simple power run or you want to spend a number of hours experimenting, we can cater for you.

We typically operate one session of a Monday, two of a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, and 3 of a Saturday.

Our dyno is an industry standard SuperFlow AutoDyn capable of holding 750hp in steady state and is able to accurately and repeatably measure 1000hp in power run modes. This is a serious instrument with many functions created for the professional engine tuner. Because of it’s larger than most retarder (brake), our 15hp cooling fan and cell air extraction we can perform testing on even the most powerful road and race cars. We monitor and record manifold pressure (vacuum and boost up to 60psi) and air:fuel ratio at a minimum. If sensors are provided, or if we can readily fit our own then many additional parameters can be monitored including engine knock (detonation), charge temperature, exhaust gas temperature (up to 8 channels of), coolant temperature, exhaust back pressure, turbine inlet pressure and many more.

The dyno accurately records wheel HP and like most dyno’s it is able to extrapolate and plot other data such as estimated flywheel HP and torque. The default figures are standard (STD) corrected but we can switch to SAE or DIN correction if it is preferred (typically in our climate there is no more than a couple of percent difference between any of them).

What does it cost ?

Power run: £60 inc VAT – Typically 3 runs performed with a printout showing power, torque, AFR and (if applicable) boost vs. RPM. Minor alterations to car allowed between runs as long as they can be performed quickly.

Hourly rate for tuning and/or testing: £ 150/hr. Multiple power runs, diagnostics or static tests can be performed as often as you like during this time. Typically you can use this time to fine tune (or have us fine tune) your engine’s ECU map, carburetor jetting, ignition timing or to diagnose faults. Minimum complete map cost is £320. Adjustments to existing calibrations of our own are charged at the hourly rate only.

Full day of dyno use (7 hours): £ 750 – This can be anything you like, but typically it’s either time for you to make your own adjustments and have us check the results or it might be a day spent having your engine management system calibrated by us.

If you would like to make a booking or discuss your requirements please get in touch: or give us a call.

Our rolling road preparation criteria is here.

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