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About us

Who are we ?
Established in 2008 we’re a North West UK based automotive aftermarket performance engine management, tuning parts retailer and rolling road. Owned and run by Chris Backshell, a qualified electro-mechanical engineer, SAE certified engine calibrator and time served electronics engineer we’re here to supply both professionals and enthusiasts with a range of essential parts and services at competitive prices. Here we specialise in standalone engine management calibration (engine mapping) and Renault RS custom ECU re-mapping. We operate a 2WD 1100hp SuperFlow rolling road.
Why choose us ?
Having been involved with automotive tuning and electronics for more than 2 decades means that we can offer accurate advice on any of the parts or services we offer, no matter how complex the question. We’re not your typical all-show-no-go tuning outfit. We work with performance vehicles, race cars, drag cars and other serious projects. We are an established business that has earnt a reputation for tuning success and supplying quality parts with an after sales service and advice that is second to none.

Mail order
We run an online parts supply website (you’re looking at it!). We are registered or certified dealers for AEM electronics, Zeitronix, Adaptronic, Syvecs, Link, Omex, DTA and Phormula. Everything you see in our online shop is stocked unless otherwise noted near to the “add to basket” button on the product page, and upon receiving an order we will dispatch the same day (Monday to Thursday, orders placed before 2.30pm).

For items shown with a quantity “in stock” we offer a Next-day UK delivery service too via Royal Mail Special Delivery (currently not available, though we hope to re-instate it soon). International orders can be expedited with TNT Express. All available shipping options are offered during the checkout process.
Unsure about ordering from our web shop ?
If you are unsure about buying from or using us then please feel free to get in touch with any questions or concerns. Hopefully we can put your mind at rest. We’re a modern company that takes email very seriously, using it as our primary mode of communication with customers. All general enquiries are answered within 24 hours excluding weekends and bank holidays, though some technical questions may take a little longer to respond to. Because a lot of time is spent in the workshop and keeping orders up to date, telephone ordering and contact is difficult at times. Email works wonders for us and you will receive a swift response.
Our SuperFlow chassis dyno is capable of holding 750hp in steady-state thanks to it’s large Frenelsa retarder. It can measure up to 1100hp in acceleration (power run) modes. We can use it to simulate road loads, hold an engine at any given RPM, speed or just about any other control factor. We can monitor manifold pressure, air:fuel ratio, knock, charge temperature, exhaust gas temperature amongst other parameters. It’s larger-than-most rollers promote traction with vehicles that are otherwise hard to dyno.
We specialise in engine calibration but individual power runs and club rolling road days are welcome too.
Afternoon and weekend sessions available, including Sundays.

One of the things that sets us apart from other rolling road workshops is that we usually have the ability to resolve those little unforeseen mechanical or fabrication niggles that invariably crop up in initial dyno sessions after a new build. Need to modify a bracket ? Alter some pipework ? No problem, our friendly and laid back approach means we are happy to help if we can. There isn’t much we can’t fix on the spot.
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