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4x Genuine Bosch 1000cc (980cc) (short) matched set


Genuine Bosch 1000cc (980cc) injectors for Renault Megane and other vehicles. Same design as original Megane 3 RS injectors.
Matched set of 4.

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Given the rise of poorly made fake injectors we’ve taken to stocking commonly requested types such as these 980cc Bosch types suitable for Megane 225, 230, 250, 265 and 275 models – amongst many other engines which accept the same type of short “PICO” injector.

These injectors are supplied as MATCHED sets, unlike the majority of auction site sales. Injectors are flow tested both dynamically and at full duty, then grouped in to sets of 4 with no more than a 2% variation. This helps to ensure that each cylinder receives the same volume of fuel, helping to keep your engine running as it should. To give you an idea of how important the matching process is, we regularly see as much as 5% variation in un-matched sets, and in a performance application where margin for error is small, it could translate to a blown gasket or melted piston, seemingly ‘for no apparent reason’.


– Supplied as a matched set of 4
– 14mm O-ring top and bottom
– Standard PICO dimensions
– 34mm O-ring to O-ring

Connector: Bosch EV1

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Weight 1000 g
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