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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

ECU (and ECU related) wiring diagrams:

(Some coming asap..)

Adaptronic 420b, 420c, Select and Modular wiring diagrams:
Adaptronic 420c (& earlier 420b)
Adaptronic 420d & 440
Adaptronic 420d & 440 front panel serial port (2.5mm jack)
Adaptronic M1200
Adaptronic M2000
Adaptronic M6000
Race Technology Dash 2 wiring to Adaptronic 420d/440

DTAfast wiring diagrams:
DTA S100

Emerald ECU wiring diagrams & manuals:
Emerald M3DK Manual
Emerald K3 Manual
Emerald K6

Link ECU wiring diagrams & quick start guides:
Link G4+/G4X Atom X
Link G4+/G4X Monsoon
Link G4+/G4X Storm
Link G4+/G4X Xtreme
Link G4+ Fury
Link G4+ Thunder
Link G4+ Force GDI
Link G4+ Kurofune

Motec ECU wiring diagrams:
Motec M4
Motec M48
Motec M84
Motec M400
Motec M600
Motec M800

Omex ECU wiring diagrams & manuals:
Omex 200 Manual (ignition ECU)
Omex 500 Manual
Omex 600 Manual
Omex 710 Manual

Renault RS ECU wiring diagrams:
Renault Clio 172 Phase 1 (<2001, cable throttle)
Renault Clio 172 / 182 Phase 2 (>2000, drive by wire throttle)
Renault Clio 197 / 200
Megane 225 / R26
Megane 250 / 265 / 275 Trophy

Syvecs ECU wiring diagrams:
Syvecs S6GP
Syvecs S6i
Syvecs S6 Plus (S6+)
Syvecs S7i
Syvecs S7 Plus (S7+)
Syvecs S8
Syvecs S12
Syvecs S-GDI4
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