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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

Engine mapping and rolling road tuning North West

Based in the North West we are specialists in race engine management configuration and calibration (engine mapping).

Working predominantly with standalone engine management systems such as Motec, DTA, Omex, Fueltech, Haltech, Adaptronic, ECU Master, AEM, SCS Delta, MBE, Emerald, Link, Canems, GEMS, GEN90 amongst others we specialise in providing accurate calibrations for road and race and with all type and marque of petrol engine. We have an array of specialist tools to work with these ECU’s and we can configure them to perform however you require. We’re not a garage chancing our hand at engine tuning. This is what we do day in, day out. If you want a safe & successful tune with honest advice from a small but respected tuner then you have come to the right place.

Aside from standalone ECU calibration we’re known for our work with the Renault RS range of engines, Honda B,D,F,H,K and factory ECU re-calibration (re-mapping).

The bulk of our work is done on our own 2WD SuperFlow chassis dyno (rolling road) which is capable of holding 750 HP in steady-state and accurately measuring over 1000 HP in transient (acceleration) power run modes. This is a modern industry standard dyno, a real scientific instrument. It offers us many tuning related functions for stable steady-state tuning, very repeatable transient testing and realistic road / track simulation modes.

Realistically the limitation of what power the dyno can hold is governed by how well we can make the car “stick” to the rollers. Thankfully we have a few tricks up our sleeves to prevent this from being a regular problem. Typically, 700-850hp from a 2L 16v is not a problem. More is possible if the engine’s torque output is long and gradual (read “high RPM, race engine”). Sometimes the threshold is less if the engine likes to make a lot of torque at lower speeds. We have tuned over 1000hp here – drag cars running oxygenated ethanol fuels / methanol and over 60psi of boost pressure.

We cater for all types of petrol engine. We have a lot of experience with throttle bodied naturally aspirated and forced induction tuning. We can accurately monitor and record air:fuel ratio, boost pressure, engine knock, charge temperature and exhaust gas temperature (8 channels there of) amongst other parameters. Forced induction tuning especially requires a greater awareness of these parameters. Being able to safely extract an engines potential is what sets us apart from many others.

We can complete a full tune of most standalone engine management systems within one day. We have a price cap for a full day spent on the dyno, currently that is £800. If, for example the car arrives with a good base map then we’re happy to charge only for the time it takes to fine tune that. There are sometimes discount for trade users – please get in touch to discuss. It is worth noting that road cars usually benefit from us spending additional time in the following days accurately correcting for cold start, idle control and the like. These adjustments don’t actually take a lot of time to perform but it does require that we are able to start the engine from cold a few times to observe and adjust. We don’t charge a great deal extra for this service.

For fine tuning, modifications of an existing map and other rolling road activities the rate is £160/hr. There are sometimes discount for trade users – please get in touch to discuss.

During these times multiple power runs or static tests can be performed to indicate changes or improvements in the tune

Our rolling road preparation criteria is here.

If you would like to make a booking or discuss your requirements please get in touch:

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