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Clio 172 / 182 Immobiliser reset (virginize)


Immobiliser reset (virginize) service for Renault ECU’s including the Clio 172 and 182.

Remember, you must send us your ECU so that we can perform this service.


Immobiliser reset (virginize) service for Renault ECU’s including the Clio 172 and 182.

Do you need to change the ECU in your Renault ? Swapping a Renault ECU for the same type will not normally work because of an immobiliser code mis-match. When you buy a brand new ECU from Renault it will arrive with no code programmed. The new ECU will automatically pair itself with the vehicle the first time you attempt to start the engine.

The service we offer removes the immobiliser code from an ECU to virginize it. This means it will act like a brand new ECU from Renault, and automatically pair itself with whatever vehicle you connect it to.

This means that if you have a faulty ECU you can buy a second hand, working ECU (of the SAME type) and send it to us for code resetting. In the past it has been neccessary to swap the UCH, etc, when swapping an ECU. Now you no longer need to.

We can perform this on the following ECU’s:
Siemens Sirius 32 (Clio 172 and others)
Siemens Sirius 34 (Clio 172/182 and others)
Siemens Sirius 35
Siemens EMS 3132 (Clio 1.2 and others)
Siemens EMS 3134 (Clio 182 and others)
Siemens SID 301 (Clio / Kangoo 1.5dci and others)
Bosch EDC15 C3
Bosch EDC15 C13
Sagem SAFIR2

You will need to post your ECU to us, then we can remove the code and return it to you within 3 working days depending on work load.

We can also clone an old ECU in most cases, so if your old ECU has been remapped we can copy that map on to your new unit as well as resetting the immobiliser. Please email us for cases like this.

To do this via post:
Please send your ECU with a covering note which includes your name and return address to:
FAO Mr C. Backshell
EFI Parts
Unit 16 Dewar Court
Astmoor industrial estate

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Weight 2000 g
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