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Clio 197 / 200 / Megane 225 / R26 Immobiliser transfer


We are able to transfer the immobiliser data from any Sagem 3000 ECU to another. So, if you need to swap ECU for some reason or you’re installing a Megane 225 engine then this service is for you.


If you find yourself with a faulty Sagem 3000 ECU and would like to install a working but 2nd hand replacement then it will be necessary to transfer the immobiliser codes from your old ECU to the replacement one.

We can do this by post for you if you’re able to send both the original and replacement ECU’s to us. Turnaround is usually 3 working days.

To do this via post:
Please mark your ECU’s so we know which is which and send them with a covering note which includes your name and return address to:
Miss Laura Garrett
EFI Parts
Unit 16 Dewar Court
Astmoor industrial estate

This facility may also be of use to guys installing Megane 225 engines in to their Clio 197 / 200. We can transfer your original Clio immobiliser data to your new Megane 225 ECU.

Please note, those of you installing Megane ECU’s in to Clio RS 197 or 200’s should make sure that they use a Ph2 Megane ECU (R26, etc.) since the earlier ECU software is not compatible with the Clio. NOTE: If you do not have access to a Ph2 ECU then we can use a Ph1 providing you include a note asking us to upgrade its software.

Please drop us an email if you have any questions.

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