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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

Megane 225 / 230 / R26 Advanced re-map


Our advanced dyno tuning option for the Megane 225 / 230 / R26. For wilder configurations including hybrid turbo’s, cams, forged builds, larger injectors and more.

Before purchasing you are encouraged to first make contact to check that we have dates available that suit you.


Advanced dyno tuning for the Megane 225 / 230 / R26.

This option is aimed at those with heavily modified engine configurations including large or hybrid turbo swaps, forged builds, cams, custom fuel systems with injectors larger than 630cc.

With this option we aim to provide the best, custom tune we can to work with your individual list of modifications. For example, it might be a forged engine with larger injectors, custom manifolds, large turbo, MAP sensor upgrades and so on. If you’re familiar with our existing work you’ll know that we’re no strangers to very-high power F4R engines.

Our tuning work is custom, meaning every car spends time on our rolling road while we adjust your ECU’s map until the result is both safe and optimal.

We spend a good chunk of time properly calibrating the part throttle aspect of your map, too. Something which is sometimes over looked by other tuners in a hurry to get your car on and off the dyno. As well as this we have created a software which does not suffer with the usual “pulsey” throttle behaviour at light throttle previously associated with these cars once larger injectors are installed. Even with 1000cc injectors installed your car will drive (cam profile allowing!) smoothly.

Aside from the performance increase the remap will include some additional benefits including:

– Improved warm-up behaviour.
– Fault code removal for such things as decat and light weight / single mass flywheels.
– Speed limiter removal upon request.
– Re-calibration for larger injectors, larger map sensors and hardware alterations if necessary.

Q: How is this re-map performed ?
You’ll need to book a slot with us so we can arrange to get your car on to our rolling road. Along with weekday slots we’ll often have weekend slots available too – please just ask.

Q: What parameters are you able to adjust ?
Just about everything. When re-mapping your ECU to accommodate hybrid turbo’s, uprated actuators, wilder cams, intake modifications and so on we’ll regularly need to alter many aspects of the ECU’s behaviour including boost control, lambda control, fueling and ignition timing among others.

Q: How long does it take ?
On average it’ll take 5 hrs on the rolling road.

Q: What are the common modifications you’ll tune for with this custom tune ?
We’re happy to incorporate the following; Induction modifications, intercooler upgrade, exhaust upgrades (with or without a catalytic converter), hybrid turbos, larger injectors, tubular manifolds, forged engines, cam swaps, uprated fuel systems, upgraded MAP sensors and so on.

Q: Will the ECU loose it’s tune or alter over time ?
No, do not worry.

Q: What if my ECU has been locked by a 3rd party ? Can you still work with it ?
Yes, although this takes an additional amount of work and so is subject to a small additional fee.

Q: If I’ve had my ECU tuned by you before, and I make alterations or upgrades, what will the cost of map adjustment be ?
We thought about this for some time before arriving at what we thought was the fairest solution. Updates and alterations made to any map we have performed previously for you is charged at the normal dyno hourly rate. This means that simple alterations do not cost as much as substantial ones. An upgrade from Stage 1 to Stage 2 for example might only take an hour hence a cost of £120. Upgrading a map to work with larger injectors and/or a hybrid turbo may take longer.

Q: Will my trip computer and MPG calculation work properly if I install larger injectors ?
Yes, the new larger injectors will be properly scaled in your ECU software so that your trip information works as intended.

If you have any questions we’ll be happy to answer them – just drop us a line. Getting in contact to discuss your requirements is recommended.
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