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Adaptronic M6000 ECU


The Adaptronic M6000 modular ECU.

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The Adaptronic M6000 modular ECU.

The M6000 is Adaptronic’s top-level modular ECU. Continuing from where the 420d and 440 Select ECU’s left off, the new industry-changing modular platform allows the owner to expand their ECU as and when required. It means that you need only buy the hardware that you need. The M6000 will accept up to 4 of the ‘small’ upgrade boards listed further down this page, and up to an additional 2 of the ‘large’ upgrade boards. Using the 1x ‘large’ output module which is included with the ECU and a further 2 means a total of 24 injector and 24 ignition outputs are possible, meaning that up to a 12 cylinder engine with 2x injectors per cylinder and 12x coil on plugs can be sequentially fired with staged injection.

The M6000 comes supplied with the following features and I/O:

2x On-board 4 bar MAP sensors. (1x inlet and 1x exhaust manifold pressure)
11x Analogue 0-5v inputs (2xTPS, 6x pressure inputs)
2x Analogue lambda sensor inputs
4x Temperature inputs (Coolant, air, oil, etc.)
3x Trigger inputs (Crank & Cam. Inbuilt ECU oscilloscope)
1x Vehicle speed input
1x Knock input
1x On-board 3 axis accelerometer
1x On-board 3 axis rate gyro
2x Dedicated fuel pump and EFI relay outputs
1x Headphone output for knock monitoring
1x CAN channel (Up to 1Mbps – internal switchable termination)
1x USB port (12Mbps – no drivers necessary)
4x RS232 Serial channels (For connection to instruments, wideband controllers, etc.)
1x Wireless connection (Access point, 230kbps, for transfer of settings and live data)

The ECU has 32MB of on-board ram for internal data logging. 30hrs @ 10Hz, 13 channels or 20 minutes at 100 Hz, 125 channels.

Main outputs:

8x Injector outputs (Low or high impedance)
8x Ignition outputs (low current. Unused channels can be set as aux. outputs, PWM capable)
4x Aux outputs (Push-Pull – can drive high or low. 4A max. PWM capable)

Further to the above the ECU can be expanded with a ‘small’ output board, giving a further 6x aux outputs capable of 1.2A high-side or 4A low-side. PWM capable.

Further to the above the ECU can be expanded with a ‘large’ output board (M6000 only) which creates a total of 24 injector outputs, 12 ignition. 4x Additional AUX outputs too.

The EUGENE software is a free download (available at

Eugene log review:

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