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Adaptronic ECU Module (small): DBW (E-throttle) control board


‘Small’ DBW (Drive by wire) electronic throttle controller board for M2000, M6000 and plug-in ECUs.

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This module provides the functionality you need to run almost any DBW (Drive by wire) electronic throttle body with the M2000, M6000 or plug-in ECU.

The throttle body should employ a single motor (which will have a motor + and motor – terminal on its connector) and 2x TPS (throttle position) tracks, usually wired such that one provides a signal which is opposite to the other (in other words the diagram should show 2x position sensors but each with 5v and 0v at different ends.)

As above, there should likely be at least 5 terminals on a compatible throttle. They are Motor +, Motor -, TPS1, TPS2, 5v and signal ground.

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Weight 1000 g
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