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Omex 600 Race spec basic loom (with MAP sensor connector)


For simple 4 cylinder normally aspirated (NA) engines, typically multiple throttle body engines or single plenum engine with MAP sensor.

Typically dispatches in 4 WEEKS time


Race spec basic: For simple 4 cylinder normally aspirated (NA) engines, typically multiple throttle body engines. Extra functions such as full throttle gearshift can be added with the addition of an Auxiliary Wire Pack, but if you plan to use a lot of auxiliary functions, the full design may be most suitable. This basic design is available in both road and race build specifications.

The race specification uses the same high grade cable as the road specification, but this time loomed together using Raychem DR-25 heatshrink as found on nearly every professional motorsport harness for high flexibility, resistance to solvents and superior cut resistance. Within this Raychem outer, the cables are twisted together to provide resistance against radiated electrical noise from sources such as the high tension sparks, alternator and starter motor giving clean sensor signals to the ECU. The terminals connecting to the ECU are then upgraded to gold plating to ensure the best connections to the ECU possible to maintain the clean signals from the sensors. All joints in the harness are made with crimps rather than solder to withstand the high vibrations often found with solidly mounted drivetrains in race vehicles. The joints and the component connectors are then covered in glue lined heatshrink which is inflexible and so any tension placed on the harness during service goes onto the strong connector housings and cables and so away from the cable joint. All of these improvements together give longer service life and improved reliability in the harsh environment of a motorsport engine bay. These harnesses are built by a team of engineers currently working in top worldwide works motorsport series (the same team responsible for our works spec bespoke harnesses) so not only are high quality materials used, they are built by the best too. Finally individually computer tested using a state-of-the-art CIRRIS test machine at 500V to give extreme testing of the cable insulation.

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Important notice:
When ordering, please include (in the comments section, or via email to us) the following information;

1) Type of MAP sensor & connector style
2) Type of TPS sensor & connector style
3) Type of ignition coil & connector style
4) Type of crank sensor & connector style
5) Type of Air inlet temperature sensor & connector style
6) Type of coolant temperature sensor & connector style 7) Type of injectors & connector style

The above items are wired and included in the cost you’ve paid for already, but furthermore there are additional options (at small extra cost) that can be added, which include;
1) Boost control solenoid
2) Idle control solenoid
3) VVT / Vtec solenoid

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
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