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Link G4+ Thunder ECU


Link ECU G4+ Thunder. Professional engine management from Link, includes on board Lambda and Electronic Throttle. Advanced Motorsport functions.

Typically dispatches in 2-3 days



Link ECU G4+ Thunder Wirein ECU On board Lambda and Electronic Throttle, Full Motorsport functionality.

One 3 Axis Accelerometer
– Lateral G (cornering)- Longitudinal G (acceleration / braking)- Vertical G

Two K-type Onboard Thermocouple Inputs
– High accuracy for high temperature situations e.g. exhaust gas temperature sensing

Digital Wideband Onboard (competitors are all analogue)

E-throttle Controllers – for engines that have two electronic throttle bodies

Knock Control Inputs – monitor each bank on a V engine

Sixteen Digital Inputs
– Six can be differential reluctor (speed sensor) – ABS wheel speed sensors

Analogue Inputs
– Temperature- Pressure- Position

Twenty Auxiliary Outputs
– Lights, solenoids, gauges, switches, relays etc
Advanced fully configurable WireIn Engine Control Unit (ECU)
Most suitable for high end applications where multi electronic throttle bodies are used or where a large amount of IO is required.


Dimensions: 170 x 212 x 44 mm (6.7 x 8.3 x 1.7 in)
Weight: 1.04 kg (2.29 lb)
Material: Aluminium Die Cast, Black Powder Coated
Mounting: Flush mount extruded mounting bracket


2 x 34 pin AMP Super Seal
2 x 26 pin AMP Super Seal
2 x Link 6 pin
Indicators: Power / Fault code indicator LED
IP Rating: 54


40 MHz dual processor
Engine control specific MCU and Digital Signal Processor
Memory: 32 Mbit Data Logging Memory
USB – PC Tuning
2 x CAN 2.0B – User configurable
Firmware: Link G4+ Firmware V5.5.0 or later. In field firmware updatable
Tuning Software: PCLink G4+


Password: Password protection can be applied to prevent unintended adjustment
Lock: Shipped locked (engine control disabled). Must be unlocked by a Link distributor

Max. Ratings

Power Supply: Reverse Polarity protected. Max Continuous operating voltage 24V. Over voltage protection at 27V. Minimum operating voltage 6.5V.

Temperature: -40 to + 80 ⁰ C (-40 to 185 ⁰F)


Engine Position:
Up to 6 engine position sensor inputs (reluctor, hall or optical)
Engine position tracking to 0.1 degree accuracy
Digital Sampling Oscilloscope on Trigger 1 and 2 Inputs
20 0-5V Analog Inputs
2 have configurable pullup resistor
2 have permanent pullup resistor


8 Frequency or switching inputs. All with switchable pullup resistor
6 High frequency differential frequency or switching inputs
Suitable for ABS or turbo speed sensor
2 Switching inputs
Barometric Pressure: Internal factory calibrated barometric pressure sensor (or external sensor option)
Knock: 2 Knock sensor inputs
Lambda Sensor Control: 2 Internal wideband Lambda sensor controllers utilising latest Bosch OEM digital signal processing technology
Thermocouple: 2 Thermocouple amplifiers suitable for K Type thermocouple sensors
Accelerometer: 3 Axis accelerometer with orientation correction


Injector: 8 Peak and Hold or Saturated injector driver outputs. 10/3A max. Unused injector outputs can be used as general purpose outputs. 0.1 degree, 1.6 us precision
Ignition: 8 Ignition pre-amplifier drivers (external igniter required). Unused ignition outputs can be used as general purpose outputs. 2.2A max. 0.1 degree precision.

Auxiliary Outputs

4 Low Side Drivers. 2.2A max
4 Low/High Side Drivers. 2.2A max
6 Half Bridge Drivers 8 A max
6 Low Side Drivers with open circuit detection 1 A max

Regulated Outputs

8V sensor supply. 200mA max
5V sensor supply. 200mA max



– Flush fit clip in mounting bracket
– USB tuning cable
– Link stickers

The Thunder also has the Link G4+ platform features
This list gives a basic overview of the Link G4+ ECU platform. For full details of the individual adjustments and settings it is recommended that PCLink G4+ is downloaded and installed.


Engine Types
– 1 to 12 Cylinder (2 or 4 Stroke)
– 1 to 4 Rotor
– User configurable TDC points (for odd fire engines) and firing order

Vehicle Details:
– Tuner memo and VIN number stored in ECU

Fuel Control

– Single Point
– Multi Point Group
– Group Staged
– Sequential
– Sequential Staged

Calculation: Full Modelled Fuel Equation, Modelled Multi Fuel (Flex Fuel) Equation or Basic Fuel Equation. Full modelled fuel equation considers:
– Volumetric Efficiency
– Load Type (MAP, TPS, MAP+TPS, none)
– Engine Capacity
– Lambda Target
– Fuel System Type and Pressure (Injector Flow Pressure Correction)
– Fuel Density
– Fuel Density Temp. Coefficient
– Stoichiometric Ratio
– Air Charge Temperature
– Fuel Charge Cooling
– Injector Size
– Injector Dead Time
– Injector Characteristic (GM Style)

Multi Fuel:
– Full support for the use of multiple fuels with separate settings for each fuel type and configurable blending between fuels

Cold Start:
– Configurable cold start/warmup. 2D/3D tables
– Pre Crank Prime – Key on or crank
– First Crank and Cranking Enrichment
– Post Start Enrichment, Hold and Decay
– Warm Up Enrichment
– Multi Fuel fuel blend dependent cold start supported

VE Corrections:
– Dual Fuel Table (overlay, switched or blended)
– 3D Intake Air Temp
– 4D Fuel Tab
– 5D Fuel Table

– Acceleration Enrichment
– Overrun Fuel Cut
– Closed Loop Lambda (Dual Bank)
– Individual Cylinder Fuel Trim
– 3D Injector Timing (Start, End or Center)
– Staged Injection Primary/Secondary Tuning
– Corrections by other control features (eg limits, motorsport features)

Auxiliary Injection:
– Additional injector stage control using unused fuel outputs for additional fuel stages or water/alcohol


– Direct Spark
– Distributor
– Twin Distributor
– Wasted Spark
– Rotary Leading Wasted
– Rotary Direct Spark

– Rising or Falling Spark Edge
– ms or duty cycle dwell mode

Ignition Control:
– Ignition Delay Correction
– Minimum Spark Duration Control
– Maximum Advance Limit

Ignition Corrections:
Ignition Timing Calculated using:
– Ignition Table
– Dual Ignition Table (Overlay, switched or blended)
– ECT Trim Table
– IAT Trim Table
– 4D Ignition Table
– 5D Ignition Table
– Other control features (eg limits, motorsport features)

Multi Fuel:
– Blending of ignition timing between fuels supported

– Transient Ignition Retard Control
– Idle Speed Ignition Control
– Individual Cylinder Ignition Correction

– 32 Mbit Data Logging Memory

Engine Protection

Limiting System
Used for all limits and configurable for each limit type:
Fuel Cut
Ignition Cut
Rotary Specific
Closed loop RPM limiting based on configurable control range
2D/3D Tables
Basic/Advanced modes
Throttle position dependent cut control
Adaptive or Constant cut effects
Hard Cut
Ignition / Fuel trim during limit
Limit exit decay
Limit Types:
RPM, MAP, Vehicle Speed, System Voltage
Two General Purpose Limits with configurable tables (eg oil/fuel pressure or IAT/ECT)

Output Functions

– Variable Valve Timing Control for intake and exhaust cams up to 4 cams
– Idle Speed Control for two/three wise ISC solenoids or four/six terminal stepper motors
– Boost Control Solenoid
– Test On/Off
– General Purpose Output with up to three switching conditions and logic mode
– General Purpose PWM with up to three switching conditions and logic mode
– Fuel Pump Control
– Fuel Pump Speed Control (switched or PWM)
– Engine Fan Control
– Air Conditioning Clutch
– Intercooler Spray Pump
– Tacho
– Check Engine Light
– Purge Solenoid
– ECU Hold Power (Keep Alive)
– Speedo
– Electronic Throttle
– Electronic Throttle Safety Relay
– Oxygen Sensor Heater
– Cam (switched valve lift / VTEC)
– Anti-Lag ISC Lift Solenoid
– Exhaust Power Valve
– Starter Control Solenoid
– Shift Light
– Throttle Blip Solenoid
– Traction Light
– Rotary Oil Pump Position Control
– Closed Loop Stepper Position Control
– Tumbler Valve Control (Subaru)

Virtual Auxiliary:
– Configurable internal signals that can be used as switching conditions for other ECU functions or to extend output functions number of conditions

– Triggerable/resettable timers to be used in sequencing output and internal functions

Shift Light:
– Shift Light control function
– Per gear RPM and control range
– Configurable light brightness depending on RPM to shift point

CE Light:
– Check Engine Lamp functionality to display ECU fault codes on the dash. Various modes for light operation

Engine Fan:
– Up to three independent engine fans with temperature, hysteresis and air conditioning options

– Correctable tacho output with key on tacho sweep option

Speedo Out:
– Correctable speedo output with key on speedo sweep option

IC Spray:
– Pulsed intercooler spray pump low frequency PWM with various switching conditions

ECU Hold Power:
– Keep Alive function for controlling EFI main relay to keep the ECU powered for a controlled time after key off

Fuel Pump Control:
– Prime time, RPM and fuel flow switched and PWM support

Unused Fuel and Ignition Outputs:
– Can be used for most outputs function types listed above

Input Functions

Digital Types:
– General Purpose Input
– Frequency
– Variable Valve Timing Cam Position
– Wheel Speed
– Air Conditioning Request
– Intercooler Spray Request
– Anti Theft Switch
– Neutral/Park Switch
– Power Steer Pressure Switch
– Ignition Switch (Key on)
– Speed Limit Request
– Start Signal
– Clutch Switch
– Brake Switch
– Cruise Control Switches
– Turbo RPM
– Ethanol Content Sensor
– Dual ECU Mode Switch
– Oil Level Switch
– Stop (engine kill) Switch
– Oil Pressure Switch
– Multi Fuel Select Switch
– Traction Disable Switch

Analog Types:
– General Purpose Input
– Volt Input
– MAP Sensor
– Throttle Position Sensor
– Accelerator Position Sensors
– Oil Pressure
– Fuel Pressure
– EGT (0-5V)
– Barometric Pressure Sensor
– Engine Coolant Temperature
– Intake Air Temperature
– Narrow Band Oxygen Sensors
– Rotary Oil Pump Position
– Tumbler Valve Position
– Closed Loop Stepper Position Feedback
– Exhaust Back Pressure
– Crankcase Pressure
– Suspension Position
– Air Conditioning Pressure
– Lambda (Internal)
– Gear Position
– Fuel Temperature
– Gear Lever Force
– Fuel Rail Pressure
– Reverse Lever Position

– Internal cold junction compensated thermocouple amplifiers

– 3 Axis G force sensor
– Software corrected to allow install in any orientation

Lambda Sensor Control:
– Internal OEM level wideband Lambda sensor control using latest Bosch digital signal processing technology.

– Built in calibrations for many industry standard and OEM sensors as well as custom 2 point and tabled calibrations.

Fault Detection:
– Configurable fault detection and fault value for all Analog Inputs with fault code generation

Engine Position
– Over 80 built in trigger modes for OEM applications as well as user configurable modes for common configurations

– Supports all OEM Variable Reluctance (VR), Hall or Optical sensors. Aftermarket sensors supported

– Configurable filtering, pullup resistors and threshold voltages for VR sensors
– Engine position correction (base timing adjustment) for all trigger modes

VVT Cam Position:
– Support for up to two engine position (Crank and Cam) and up to four cam position signals

Engine Control

Idle Speed Control:
– Support for most OEM and aftermarket idle control solenoids and stepper motors and electronic throttle
– Basic open loop idle speed control and advanced closed loop control options
– Configurable speed, RPM and throttle position lockouts
– Engine Fan, Power Steer and Air Conditioning correction

Electronic Throttle:
– Support for up to two electronic throttle bodies
– Independent or shared throttle target
– Full safety functionality for all sensors, drivers and other parts of the electronic throttle system including safety relay
– Up to three switchable throttle target tables
– Support for anti-lag idle up using electronic throttle

Boost Control:
– Basic open loop or advanced closed loop control options
– Up to thee boost target tables
– Boost target table blending option for Multi Fuel or dash board adjustment
– Staged boost control for fastest spool up and stable control
– ECT, IAT and Gear boost corrections

Knock Control:
– Closed loop individual cylinder knock control
– Uses digital signal processing (DSP) technology for accurate windowed knock level measurement
– Configurable frequency and individual cylinder gain settings
– Adjustable knock window
– Fast timing removal (retard) and slow reintroduction (advance), all configurable
– Permanent memory of timing removed or reset at key on
– Per cylinder or grouped knock ignition correction tables

Variable Valve Timing (VVT):
– Over 40 built in OEM VVT signal patterns and user defined signal patterns
– Up to four independently configurable (two inlet, two exhaust) cam control channels
– Up to three switchable inlet and exhaust position target tables
– Accurate, fast and stable position control
– Supports common PWM and most BMW VANOS control types

Cruise Control:
– Cruise Control using electronic throttle
– Allows digital and analog cruise switch input
– Safety features to disengage cruise on brake and clutch
– Adaptive driver behaviour recognition for a smooth transition between driver and cruise control
– Adjustable speed operating range and maximum speed increase rate

Air Conditioning (AC) Control:
– Basic and advanced control modes
– Digital or CAN control options
– AC clutch control based on AC pressure, evaporator temperature and engine load
– Engine fan control

Starter Motor Control:
– Crank with key, Start/Stop and Touch Start options
– RPM, anti-theft and park/neutral lockout options

– Gear detection using RPM/wheel speed, CAN or gear position sensor
– Auto calculated or user defined gear ratios
– Driven and driving wheel selection
– Slip % calculation
– Input shaft RPM calculation


ECU Logging:
– 32 Mbit internal flash
– Log up to 100 ECU parameters. All ECU parameters can be logged
– Selectable logging rates up to 100 Hz
– Memory compacting algorithm to ensure maximum memory utilisation and wear leveling
– Continuous (looping) data recording
– Download all or any part of logging memory for instant display in PCLink

PCLink Logging:
– Log any or all parameters in the ECU while connected to PCLink in real time on the screen at rates in excess of 60Hz
– Auto history recording to catch an event that happened in the past!
– Advanced logging analysis and tuning functions

– Resettable statistics including Max RPM, Max ECT, Max MAP, Engine Starts, Engine Running Time and many more


– Two CAN 2.0B channels available
– OEM Modes and extremely customisable CAN templates for transmission and reception of ECU parameters
– CAN bus status and error reporting

– ISO 15765-4 (CAN) OBD communication to scan tools and displays

– RS232 connection
– Multiple data stream options and baud rates supported


Anti Lag:
– Basic and Advanced modes
– Full anti Lag integration with other ECU systems
– Activation, ignition retard, fuel addition and ignition cut controls
– Configurable smooth or “lumpy” cyclic idle control
– Multiple switchable Anti Lag tables
– Cool down mode

Launch Control:
– Single RPM mode for clutch switch or launch button
– RPM vs Speed (2D or 3D) for controlled slip
– Latched launch RPM for rolling start
– Activation and clutch switch options
– Ignition retard, fuel correction and cut effect options

Gear Shift Control:
– Extremely configurable closed loop gear shift control
– Can be used from simple clutch switch through to full closed loop control with strain gauge lever and gear position sensor
– Sequential and H pattern gear boxes supported
– Per gear cut, ignition trim, fuel trim and torque reintroduction time settings
– Downshift RPM lockout
– Downshift throttle blip control

Traction Control:
– Closed loop wheel slip control
– Fuel or ignition control options
– Speed and throttle position lockouts
– Multiple per gear slip threshold tables


Real Time:
– All ECU Parameters available for real time display and logging during tuning
– Smoothest most configurable tuning and data display interface available (PCLink G4+)
– Quick view of all ECU runtime information for fast diagnostics

ECU Controls:
– Upload, download and compare maps
– Easily upgrade firmware through PCLink
– Reset statistics
– Clear ECU fault codes
– Unlock (Enable) ECU
– Restore to factory settings
– Enable/disable password protection
– Temporarily disable password protection until next power cycle
– Auto throttle position sensor calibration
– MAP sensor calibration
– Trigger scope

– Mixture MAP for fuel tuning correction from logged data
– QuickTrim for calculated VE table correction while tuning
– QuickTune for automated fuel tuning
– Knock audio graphical analysis for determining knock filtering frequencies

– Over 800 pages of context sensitive documentation
– Help viewer embedded in PCLink for full documentation alongside settings
– Access to Link technical support and forums

Additional information

Weight 2950 g
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