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KnockLink Knock warning & sensor kit


The KnockLink G4 Digital knock warning indicator.

Typically dispatches in 2-3 days


Made by Link engine management, the KnockLink G4 Digital Warning is the only self calibrating, knock warning instrument on the market. The KnockLink won a SEMA 2011 media award for best new product.
Drive with peace of mind, knowing that your engine is operating safely when using the KnockLink G4. The KnockLink will show the beginning detonation long before you hear it.

The KnockLink is designed for both street and race use.

Kit includes:
– Link KnockLink indicator
– Knock sensor + screened cable

What to expect from the device:

Dim Blue – KnockLink is powered, waiting for the engine to be started
Flashing Blue – KnockLink has detected the engine has started and is now calibrating
Dim Green – KnockLink is adapting to the engine’s noise profile and listening for knock
Flashing Red – KnockLink has detected knock. Avoid large throttle openings, seek professional advice

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
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