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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

Clio 172 / 182 Basic ECU re-map


This remap is aimed at those with stock engines (everything) bar optional induction and/or exhaust upgrades.

A cost-effective performance re-map option for Clio 172/182 *WITH* testing and custom adjustment on our rolling road.

Before purchasing you are encouraged to first make contact to check that we have dates available that suit you.


This remap is aimed at those with stock engines (everything) bar optional induction and/or exhaust upgrades.

At EFI we have tools and the know-how allowing full control of the Clio 172 and 182 factory ECU (Sirius 32, 32N, 34 and EMS3134).

Q: What benefits do I get with this re-map ?
The map includes the benefits you find with most other companies off-the-shelf offerings. They are as follows:

* Improved warm-up operation. The engine will run considerably smoother from cold.
* Improved mid-range. A noticeable improvement in response below 5000RPM.
* Small gain in peak power, especially if you instruct us to tune for 98+ octane fuels.
* Rear lambda fault removed for de-cat
* Raised rev limiter
* Optional overrun crackle

Along with these standard benefits you’ll benefit from knowing that the map has been fine-tuned to suit your exact engine and your exact combination of aftermarket parts. This means you can be sure that it’s fuelling accurately and that it’s safely making it’s maximum potential power.

Q: How is this re-map performed ?
You’ll need to book a slot with us so we can get your car on to our dyno (rolling road). Along with weekday slots we’ll often have weekend slots available too.

Q: What stage are your N/A re-maps ?
This is not how we work. Everything here is custom tuned, on the dyno, in front of your eyes with explanations made along the way should you be curious.

Q: What parameters are you able to adjust ?
Just about everything, but for wilder engine’s which require more extensive re-programming you should be looking at our full custom re-map option.

Q: How long does it take ?
It will take approximately one hour on the rolling road.

Q: What modifications are you able to tune for with this option ?
In this case we’re fine-tuning our existing 172/182 performance map to specifically suit your stock-engine, it’s induction and it’s exhaust system. Any induction or exhaust can be catered for. Since the core engine, it’s cams and manifolds have remained standard the map we load to your ECU will need much less adjustment in order to be optimal, and as such we can offer it at the reduced price shown here compared with our full custom calibration (re-map) option.

Q: Does it matter if my ECU has been locked by a 3rd party map or flash tool ?
No, we’ll be able to recover control of your ECU. There is no additional charge for this.

Please drop us an email if you have any other questions.

For wilder engine upgrades (including turbos, superchargers, etc.) please get in touch so we can discuss other options. It may be that we can still adjust the stock ECU to suit or it may be that a fully programmable standalone ECU is the best way to go. This is usually the case for higher powered forced induction engines.

Aside from re-mapping we’re also able to carry out firmware upgrades, map removal (ECU resetting), map transfer from one unit to another, immobiliser virginizing, repairs and more.

The factory original ECU is well suited to running modified original engines too; Modifications including filter and exhaust upgrades, inlet or exhaust manifold upgrades, performance camshafts, compression ratio lifts and any combination of the above. The re-map option offered here is to cater for engines which have completely stock (original) internals still and which have retained the original inlet manifold. In other words, if you’re engine is standard apart from induction and/or exhaust and you’re looking for a custom map along with the benefits offered by other off-the-shelf re-maps then this is what you’ve been looking for. If you’re engine is somewhat wilder, has camshafts, a performance inlet or other major alterations then please look at our full custom remap option.

Note: The term “live” mapped these days has become interchangeable with “custom dyno tuned”. The Renault ECU is not in fact mapped live, rather data is collected, the ECU adjusted and the engine run again. This sequence repeats until we are happy the engine is calibrated.

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