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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

Clio 172 / 182 RS Forced Induction Module (Turbo/Supercharger) ECU kit


Our popular forced induction (turbo or supercharger) solution for the factory standard Renault Clio RS 172 / 182 ECU.

Remember, we need you to send your ECU to us so that we can install a base map to get you going. Order the kit and pop your ECU in the post. We’ll return it, along with the kit ASAP.

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After much development we are proud to offer our forced induction solution for the factory standard Renault Clio RS 172 / 182 ECU. The ECU employed should be either a Sirius 32 32/N (Phase 1), Sirius 34 (early Phase 2 172) or an EMS3134 (late Phase 2 172 and 182)

Historically it has not been possible to properly calibrate these ECU’s for turbo or supercharged use for several technical reasons, most stemming from the fact that the ECU was not developed with forced induction (turbos and superchargers) in mind. To counter this we have developed the wire-in module and an ECU flash presented here.

The kit comprises the following;

1. An EFI-Parts forced induction module (FIM)
2. A direct-fit, quality turbo map sensor
3. An ECU flash service which installs our file suitable for a low-boost turbo engine with the specification listed below. Note, we are able to custom map this kit to 12psi of boost – enough for 280hp with the correct turbo and engine internals.
4. Clear and simple installation instructions and guidance notes

What parts must I use for the supplied low-boost map to work ?

Important note: The supplied map is calibrated for and is safe with the following engine specification only:

1. An otherwise standard engine & original cam shafts. Original cam timing.
2. Megane 225/230 fuel injectors, part number 8200511099
3. An early, rail-regulated Phase 1 fuel system. In reality the only parts you need to use are the Phase 1 rail with matching 3.0 bar regulator. A return fuel line must be installed (as per the early Phase 1 cars) which drains back to the fuel sender unit / pump unit under the rear seat. Preferably you should use a Phase 1 fuel sender unit, but the Phase 2 can be modified to accept a fuel return if required. In this case though the internal fuel regulator MUST be safely and securely blocked such that no fuel can pass through it. Please take great care to use suitable fuel hose and fittings.
4. An original or uprated fuel pump.
5. GT2554 (GT25) turbo, or very similar.
6. Cast turbo manifold, available from many sources.
7. Moderately sized front-mounted intercooler. Universal types are acceptable, you should be able to find one which fits behind the front bumper.
8. A performance exhaust system. The rear lambda sensor can be removed if you wish. A catalytic converter is not required.
9. No more than 8psi of boost. 225-230hp should be possible with 7.5psi of boost.

The Forced induction module (FIM)

The small module supplied and shown here must be wired in to your engine’s ECU loom near to the ECU connector. This is not a complicated task. 6 wires are to be connected in all and the supplied instructions will guide you step-by-step through the process.

ECU Flashing
Your ECU will need to be flashed (re-programmed), and that is something we must do here. You will either need to post your ECU to us or an appropriate second hand ECU can be sent to us in its place to save your car being out of action. Our address is on the Contact page. We will re-set the immobiliser in every case so that it will automatically pair with your car when installed. There is no need to tell us if the ECU you send is an original or a replacement. Please though, if you have a 172, make sure that you buy an ECU of the same part number. If you are unable to find one then using an EMS3134 from a late 172 or 182 is acceptable.

What can I do if my engine or turbo specification is different ?
Custom calibration (engine mapping) is available for just about any specification which runs 12psi of boost or less. This might include camshaft swaps, forged engine builds, a larger turbo or combination of the above. We must stick to Megane 225 fuel injectors though – larger are not possible. Engine’s likely to make more than 280hp should really consider the installation of a standalone ECU for the added flexibility of tune and it’s safety features. For a time we’re offering this custom mapping option at a reduced cost of £200 for customers who have bought this kit from us. Please get in touch if you want to discuss this option in better detail.

Will my cars original functions remain ?
Yes – all original functions like cruise control, ESP and OBD diagnostics, correct dashboard and engine management light function are retained.

Will my car pass an MOT test with it fitted ?
Yes, providing you have a catalytic converter installed still. The ECU’s lambda & emissions control work exactly as they should.

Kits and parts are generally in stock, but please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to be sure that we can dispatch one and flash your ECU within a strict time frame should you be in a hurry.

Your existing, or replacement ECU should be posted to us at the address found here on our contact page.

A copy of the wiring instructions are available here: download instructions (PDF format)

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to get in touch.

Spare parts for this kit are available on request including replacement FIM modules and replacement MAP sensors. Please get in touch if you would like to order spares.

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