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Adaptronic modular ECU for Nissan S13/14a/15 (64 pin ECU)


It’s a direct plug and play for the Nissan S13/14a/15 providing you have a 64 pin ECU.

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This product is one of Adaptonic’s plug-in ECUs. It’s a direct plug and play for the Nissan S13/14a/15 providing you have a 64 pin ECU.

The ECU plugs directly into the factory loom. It has a 4 bar on-board map sensor (and a 4 bar exhaust manifold pressure sensor) and has additional inputs and outputs available on unused pins in the factory connector. The additional pins you have access to give you the following options:

An additional 2 injector outputs
An additional O2 input, and 2 additional 0-5V inputs for logging or other functions like sequential box strain gauges
Additional ignition output for conversion to direct fire
Oil pressure, fuel pressure and oil temperature inputs (plus we read the fuel temperature input and use that in the fuel density calculation)
CAN (Wideband lambda can be connected via analogue input, or via serial.)

On-board the ECU is a 3 axis accelerometer and a 3 axis rate gyro

The base ECU can also be expanded or upgraded to use one of the following boards:

DBW / e-throttle controller
Mini Output Board (6 x push-pull aux)
Mini Analogue Input Board (4 x analogue inputs)
Mini Real-Time Input (6 x inputs) & additional 2 x CAS, 3 x VSS, 1 x flex
Lambda Controller
EGT Inputs (soon to be available)

The ECU arrives with a start-up map pre-loaded making it a plug and play solution.

The EUGENE software is a free download (available at

Eugene log review:

Eugene fuel table:

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Weight 2950 g
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