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Syvecs S7Plus Honda Civic FK8 PnP kit


The Syvecs Honda Type R 2017+ Kit brings a new level of Engine Management control to the Honda Type R Range with the world first Complete Standalone Engine control Module, By simpling pluging in the kit a whole new level of control is available allowing some of the following.

Syvecs make this kit to order, and is typically dispatched in 2 weeks time.


The Syvecs Honda Type R 2017+ Kit brings a new level of engine management control to the Honda Type R range with the world first complete standalone engine control module.

By simply pluging in the kit a whole new level of control is available allowing some of the following!


– Flat Shifting
– Electronic Wastegate Control
– Adjustable Autoblip (Automatic Heel and Toe) even with the manual gearbox with automatic rev matching
– Rolling Anti-lag / Pit lane limiter strategies, great for building boost on a roll
– 8 x switchable maps with the ability to select desired engine map, boost level, traction and launch control levels through steering wheel buttons
– Control up to 4 additional injectors for high power installations where staged injection may be required.
– Adjustable Knock control
– Cruise Control
– Live Tuning of every aspect of the engine’s calibration.
– Adjustable traction control strategies based on lateral G and individual wheel speed monitoring.
– Adjustable Launch Control.
– Direct injection and port injection control
– Full Variable Valve Timing control.
– Flex Fuel control.
– Fully functional with every other ECU on the Car.
– Closed loop Lambda Control.
– Fully adjustable closed loop boost control with launch level adjustments and trims for turbo speed, air charge, engine coolant temp, exhaust gas temps etc..
– Built in data logging using a market leading analysis software of up to 8 hours, with data rates at up to 1000hz.
– Antitheft and valet modes.
– Super fast connection via RJ45 Ethernet port for live tuning anywhere in the world or evenremotely if on track if connected to a wireless unit.
– Configurable Engine Safety Trips on all important parameters like oil temperature, oil pressure.
– Fuel pump control of both main, and sub pumps, as well as Relative fuel pressure monitoring and limiting in the event of fuel pressure dropping on boost.
– 4 different Pedal to Throttle Angle maps with multipliers for different parameters e.g. speed. Again adjustable via steering wheel buttons.
– Configurable individual cylinder closed loop knock control, to suit any cylinder modification with adjustments to frequency, windows for listening and gains for each cylinder. Ability to trigger full cylinder shutdown in severe knock conditions.
– Run up to 7bar map sensors.
– Control high or low impendence injectors.
– Ability to fit any type of external sensor to monitor and trigger safety trips from anything from crank case pressure to damper position.
– Ability to use any size DBW throttle body e.g. Chevrolet LS7.
– Wet and Dry – Wet and Dry nitrous control with ability to drive solenoids directly and control n20 heaters via pressure monitoring.
– Ability to control any external vehicle features based on sensor inputs e.g. Adjustable rear wing linked to G force or exhaust control valves.
– Connect any race series dash or even one of our partners’ Touchscreen CANBUS adjustment /display units.
– View any input live with built in scope up to 1000hz.

Type R Kit FAQ and Help

Q) Can I install different in tank pump?
A) Yes, the FK8 has a basic relay on and off control for the in-tank fuel pump and can be replace for a bigger one if needed

Q) How do I change calibration switches
A) You can have up to 12 calibration option which are controlled via the Up and Down button of the cruise control on the steering wheel You will see which calibration you have selected with the tacho going to 2000rpm for position 2, 3000rpm for position 3 etc…

Q) How do you active Rolling antilag?
A) By pressing the Lim button on the steering wheel

Q) Can we use the OBD port still to Log, Read Codes and Clear them on other ECUs on the car like ABS?
A) Yes

Q) I have heard of the Autoblip, what is it and how does it work?
A) The Autoblip is used to replicate a heel and toe action without having to do it yourself In certain conditions, the throttle body will open itself while pressing the clutch to allow rpm match on downshift We are receiving the brake pressure and signal from a clutch switch and depending on the conditions you may have the blip of the throttle or not and you can have more or less blip too if you are in R-mode or normal mode The Autoblip is fully customizable depending on your driving style and preferences

Q) Does the Syvecs have flatshift?
A) Yes, Flatshift is enabled based on TPS position, RPM and clutch switch, when all the conditions are met, you will have a fuel and/or ignition cut to stop the engine to rev itself even if you’re still on full throttle

Q) Does the OEM Traction control still works?
A) No, the OEM Traction control is completely disabled and the Syvecs Traction Control takes over it You can still disable the traction control completely if you wish to by using the OEM Traction control switch, the light will come onon the dashboard to let you know the traction control is now disabled completely.
The traction control light will also flash when the traction control is active on the Syvecs to let you know wheelspin is occurring.

Q) Does the cruise control still works?
A) Yes the cruise control still works but differently to the OEM ECU You will need to hold the speed at which you want the cruise control to be and then press Main on the steering wheel The Syvecs will then hold the speed at which you pressed the button at and hold it there, bear in mind the vehicle speed needs to be stable when you press or it won’t register it. You won’t be able to increase or decrease that speed with + and – switches as they are now used to change calibrations.

Q) Does the Syvecs have launch control
A) Yes, as you probably notice, the OEM Launch isn’t the best, so Syvecs takes over to offer you a much better strategy The launch is fully customizable (Boost, RPM etc…) and can be activated by pressing the Autostart button When the light is on on the Autostart switch, the launch is activated, otherwise the launch is off

Q) Everything sounds very good but what do I lose by removing the OEM ECU?
A) We have worked very hard to integrate as much of the OEM function as we could The only things that does not work with the Syvecs ECU are the hill-start assist and the possibility to increase and decrease speed of the cruise control as we are using Up and Down to change the calibration. You will also lose the engine oil temperature on the dash but the engine does not have an oil temperature sensor and it only shows an estimation of the oil temperature.

And much, much more!

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Weight 2950 g
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