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Brass type 3.5 bar boost sensor for data logging, etc.


This is a cheaper alternative to the stainless steel 3.5 bar map sensor (0 to 50psi absolute) supplied AEM.

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A cheaper alternative for measuring manifold pressure. Not recommended for use as an ECU’s main MAP (load) sensor. Suitable for use in data logging and other such applications.

Supply voltage = 5vdc
0psi (absolute) output = 0.5v
50psi (absolute) output = 4.5v

Red = +5vdc (from Zt-2 or ECU)
Black = 0v (ground)
Green = signal output

The sensor has a 1/8NPT male fitting.

Incase of a custom application, the sensors are supplied with a specification and voltage vs. pressure datasheet, or the chart can be viewed here in Adobe PDF form:

Voltage vs pressure chart

Additional information

Weight 700 g
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