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M8x1 Speed sensor (high tooth count) for ECU, dash, logger, etc.


A high quality, branded, high frequency (high tooth count) vehicle speed sensor.

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A high quality, branded, high frequency (high tooth count) vehicle speed sensor.

Inductive sensor, capable of reading ABS ring teeth, bolt heads and other rotating metallic objects.

The sensor can be mounted against an OEM ABS ring, or rear of wheel hub such that it counts wheel studs as they rotate. Tip of sensor must be within 2mm of ‘tooth’ or bolt head.

High frequency ability, unlike the majority of cheaper sensors. This means that you can use original ABS rings which may have a high number of teeth.

Suitable also as a digital crank sensor, less susceptible to noise VS a magnetic / variable reluctor sensor.

10-32v DC (reverse polarity protected.)
Threaded body: M8 (8mm) x1mm pitch
Cable: 2m of 3.9mm diameter cable included, un-terminated
Output type: Normally closed, NPN (voltage is allowed to be pulled high when a tooth is detected.)
Maximum switching frequency: 4000 Hz (meaning that ABS rings with high numbers of teeth can be used.
Enclosure: IP67 sealed.
Shock and vibration resistance: 30 g, 11 ms/10 Hz … 55 Hz, 1 mm
EMC compatibility: According to EN 60947-5-2
Housing material: Brass, nickel-plated
Housing length: 43 mm
Thread length: 25 mm
Max tightening torque: 5 Nm
Max “air gap” between sensor tip and tooth: 2.5 mm

Brown wire = supply voltage (10 – 32v DC)
Blue wire = signal / ECU ground
Black = signal output

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Weight 200 g
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