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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

Clio 197 / 200 Forced induction ECU re-map


Clio 197 / 200 ECU remap – custom forced induction applications.

Before purchasing you are encouraged to first make contact to check that we have dates available that suit you.


At EFI we can re-calibrate (re-map) the Clio 197 and Clio 200 ECU (amongst others!). Whether you’re left with an annoying flat spot after upgrading your engines exhaust and induction or whether you have installed some wilder camshafts, we can properly re-tune it.

This pricing covers Clio 3 RS which have had turbo or supercharger kits installed. In this case we can properly re-calibrate the ECU for larger injectors, larger MAP sensor and complete a custom calibration (map) to suit your needs. This includes:

– Correction of trip computer and MPG calculation.
– Significant time spent with part-throttle aspects of the calibration to ensure you’re left with a car which is as pleasant to drive as it is fast.
– Optimization of fuel, spark and VVT timing
– Does not support boost control, since the ECU does not support this at the same time as VVT control.
– Fault code / DTC removal.

Please drop us an email if you have any other questions.

Note: The term “live” mapped these days has become interchangeable with “custom dyno tuned”. The Renault ECU is not in fact mapped live, rather data is collected, the ECU adjusted and the engine run again. This sequence repeats until we are happy the engine is calibrated.

For wilder engine upgrades (including race applications) please get in touch so we can discuss other options. It may be that we can still adjust the stock ECU to suit or it may be that a fully programmable standalone ECU is the best way to go. This is usually the case for higher powered forced induction engines.

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