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Syvecs I/O expander (including connector)


Syvecs Input/Output expansion units are designed to offer more I/O allowing customers to maximises other strategies on the Syvecs range, or allow more sensors/parameters to be logged via Datalogging . CAN Interfaces provide communication to ECU’s or Displays.

Typically dispatches in 2-3 days


I/O 10 Expander –


10 Low side and / or High side outputs (circa 15A each)
4 Half Bridge Outputs (combinable for 2 Full Bridges, etc)


10 Analogue or switch inputs (0-5V, Thermistor or switch)
6 of the inputs capable of speed measurement


Ethernet for pc configuration and monitoring connection
2 x CAN 2.0B interface for communication with other controllers or logging systems

Power Supply

6 to 26V input voltage range


35 way AMP Ampseal male connector
PCB 130 x 115mm

Additional information

Weight 2950 g
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