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Rolling road tuning: Standalone ECU & Renault RS mapping

Adaptronic ECU Module (small): Analogue input board

£149.00 inc VAT

‘Small’ analogue input module for M2000, M6000 and plug-in ECUs.

Typically dispatches in 10 days time

‘Small’ input module for M62000, M6000 and Plug-in ECUs.

These modules can be added to any of the Modular ECUs. The M2000 can accept one of these boards. The M6000 can accept up to 4. The plug-in ECUs usually accept one or two, but this can VARY on unit so you may like to get in touch to verify.

This module provides the following additional inputs:

4x Aux inputs (0-5v analogue for additional temperature, pressure or other analogue sensors)
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