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At EFI Parts we have a lot of experience with performance Renaults of all kinds. Some of our services are listed here.
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VW/Audi flywheel for Renault F-block engine
VW/Audi flywheel for Renault F-block engine

Price: £449.00
Stock: In stock

Nearly all items are dispatched immediately but certain expensive & infrequently requested items may have a lead time. If an items delivery is to be delayed for any reason it will say so in the product description below.
Our light-weight & balanced billet steel flywheel for the VAG O2M gearbox conversion, often performed with high powered Renault F-block engines (Clio 172, 182, Clio 16v, Williams, etc.)

Designed to work with VW / Audi 02M gearbox swaps along with our own adapter plate, the flywheel bolts directly to any Renault F-block crank (F4R, F7P, F7R) and some other variants like Volvo B18FT. The flywheel accepts a standard VW 240mm single plate clutch (non dual-mass type) and can accept an uprated type for the 6 speed 02M gearbox found in Golf GTI's, Seat Cupra R's, Audi TT, Audi S3 and many others.

The flywheel comes with a standard 'ring gear' to work with a factory standard VW / Audi starter motor and the correct offset to work with a standard VW / Audi clutch release cylinder also.

Just behind the ring gear you will see a trigger pattern designed to replicate the Clio 172 / 182's "60-2" flywheel pattern for the ECU's crank position sensor (TDC sensor). As shown in one of the pictures below, it allows you to install a universal crank angle sensor in the location shown to exactly replicate the original timing of the Clio 172 / 182. With this you can run the original Clio ECU if you wish, or any after-market engine management system which has the ability to trigger from this very common timing pattern.

Shown here are some pictures of a Clio 172 RS conversion using this flywheel and our matching adapter plate:

Fitted with 02M gearbox and our adaptor plate:

Drive flange locations:

Modification required to Clio 172 / 182 RS sub frame to provide sufficient clearance for the 02M gearbox:

Showing the exact location required with a universal crank sensor to give correct timing with Clio 172 / 182 RS:

Mated with original gearbox mounting bracket. Mounts not available, but an example of what you need to make is shown below this picture:

Example mounts to adapt 02M gearbox to original Clio 172 / 182 RS mountings (on top and below the gearbox):

VW / Audi gear "remote" module installed inside Clio, to fit beneath original interior trim.

Finally, for "Cup" models or other models which had a speed sensor mounted on the original gearbox you can carefully weld 8 tags on to the inside of the drive flange as shown here, which when coupled with a "hall effect" or digital "gear tooth" sensor like the one linked at the foot of this page can be used to replicate the original 8-pulse-per-revolution signal:

Note to international buyers: Due to the size and weight of these items the postage cost can be as much as £50 GBP. If you place an order via the website you will automatically be charged a smaller amount for postage costs but we will contact you to request the difference. You are welcome to contact us first for a more accurate price before ordering. Thank you, EFI Parts.

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