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Petrol fuel injector cleaning and servicing
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Fuel injector clean & service (each)
Fuel injector clean & service (each)

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Nearly all items are dispatched immediately but certain expensive & infrequently requested items may have a lead time. If an items delivery is to be delayed for any reason it will say so in the product description below.
It should go without saying that correct operation of fuel injectors in any performance engine is crucial, yet often over looked. A partially blocked injector in a road engine usually means poor running. In a race engine it can can mean a blown head gasket or melted piston!

At EFI we're able to accurately test both the flow and spray pattern of your petrol fuel injectors to check for balance and performance.

Stuck or blocked injectors can more often than not be restored to full working order with a deep ultrasonic clean whilst connected to our industry standard ASNU injector service machine.

This service is 'per injector' and includes the following:
  • Before test of injector flow and pattern.
  • Ultrasonic clean *for as long as necessary* to restore operation.
  • ASNU machine constantly triggers the injectors with a "cleaning cycle" while injectors are subject to ultrasonic cleaning. This helps to make sure that every trace of contaminant is removed.
  • Injectors are re-tested for flow and pattern. If all is well we will then fit new serviceable parts where appropriate (pintle caps, O-rings, filter baskets, etc.)
  • Injectors are tested for a final time for flow and pattern. Data recorded.

Just about all types of petrol fuel injector can be cleaned and serviced by us including early Bosch, Rochester, Denso, Siemens, Injector Dynamics and side-fed injectors. If in any doubt please drop us an email first.

How to order this service:
  • Order the required number of injectors to be serviced.
  • Post your injectors using a signed-for delivery service to: EFI Parts, Unit 16, Dewar Court, Astmoor ind. estate, Runcorn, Cheshire, WA7 1PT. Be sure to include your name and return address along with a note of the order number which you'll see in the checkout process and in your confirmation email.
  • We'll turn the injectors around usually within 2 working days of receipt.
  • Your injectors will be returned with a next-day signed-for delivery service with your injector report.

Note: In the event of a stuck or severely blocked injector we'll try our best to revive it but we can give no guarantee that we'll be able to fix them all, every time. There can be no refunds in these cases. Thankfully that doesn't happen often.

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